Which Website rank Faster Custom Sites or Non-Custom Sites?

Custom Sites or Non-Custom Sites

Ranking… It’s Not an Easy Nut to Crack!

Custom Sites or Non-Custom Sites


Internet is a sign of the times – hence, it is pretty safe to say that the internet is prime and Google is its partner in crime. We did not mean to rhyme… but it just worked out somehow.

Undoubtedly, websites are popping up faster, and online trade is nothing special nowadays neither running an eCommerce store. So, the question is no longer whether or not you should have a website… it’s what kind of website you should build?

Wait, that’s not it!

You have to bring something different to the table that does not just appeal to visitors but Google as well. (Google does not see things as we see). Whether you are expanding your online presence or want to market your business differently – WEBSITE is your Go-To solution.

But, if you are not “techie” you might feel daunted by the prospects of a website and finding the route to go down to custom sites and template is equally challenging – Remember website ranking and development goes hand in hand, you need to pick the right option.

Bit confusing! No?

Don’t panic; your help is at hand… we have prepared a definitive guide to build a website that will rank higher and faster in SERP.

Let’s solve the mystery… together!

Custom Sites Or Templates

Before diving in deep, just have a look and explore the difference between Google sites custom templates and non-custom websites. Not to mention, these are the two ways you could build a flawless website.

Simply put, custom-built websites are generated from scratch. They’re coded to suit your business need with unique designs. Such websites can easily be built to do whatever you want while giving customers the user experience they always look for.


You can DIY your website by just using the pre-made frameworks with themes and templates. In other words, templates are ready-to-use websites with specific fonts, colors, and layouts – fast and easy to implement. All you have to do is just BUY.

Are these the only options?

Not Really – you can break it down even further.

You can get your hands on custom sites built using CMS platforms or WordPress. And, if you are not tight on budget, you can go for entirely customized stuff.

Confused yet?

You must be, let’s settle this… We will rewind and talk about those basic high-end options that can help you rank higher.

The Right Next Step for Your Digital Strategy


Template-built websites do not have any significant advantage or disadvantage over HTML/CSS sites. In broad strokes, search engines treat both websites the same way.

Custom Websites – How They Stack Up?

Custom-built sites are search engine friendly, and they’re clicked more frequently. Google, Bing, and Yahoo rank such websites higher that visitors click quite often. Not just this, the SEO specialists can easily manipulate custom websites while changing the tactics accordingly. Not to mention custom websites have an exclusive design which is a plus.

Custom-built websites can do incredible things for you – a lot of fancy scrolling, animation, and dynamic adjustments that are good for search engine optimization. Above and beyond, in custom sites, you have SEO plugins. Without this, the advanced parts of SEO are pretty challenging to change. In short, you’ve total control over the SEO practices needed to rank higher.

There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch…

Custom websites are expensive to build; you need to pay for them in terms of both time and money. Besides, Google sites custom templates may contain several security issues. But surely you will get something extraordinary out of it – still, it is an investment (a huge one).

Whenever you’re developing custom code, you need to make sure it is as secure as possible. Your developer must be aware of existing security holes and should take necessary steps to mitigate them without introducing more. In fact, with a custom website, you will be doing a lot of manual work.

Template Websites – Under the Hood!


You may have heard that building a website using a template can affect your SEO ranking. But that’s not true; if you know what you’re doing and you’re doing it right – a website built with a template can also rank. Not just this, web design templates have built-in features for SEO that do not just drive traffic but improve your ranking.

It is incredibly fast and easy to set up – as long as you’ve web hosting which is ready to go! Template-based websites have infinite plugins than custom sites that expand and help in integrating features. With these plugins, you can easily make specific SEO addition, including H1 tags, Meta Title, and Meta Description.

It comes clogged up with a lot of troubles…

Let’s face it… although template-based sites might not have any negative impact on your SEO tactics. But, it could pose a problem in terms of trust and credibility. They are basically generic templates that everybody uses. The “oh so common” design can put your website in danger. And there is a chance that your visitors may find it vague or similar to competitors. As a result, you may experience a poor conversion rate.

Besides, due to limited functionality, you are exposed to limited options only. However, you can use untrusted plugins – bear in mind your online presence will be at high risk. You must be thinking about how it can affect your ranking, some factors are not direct, but they do have a significant impact.

Is It Worth The Trade-Off?

Template-based websites are purely template – you can only change the text and images, but the layout and colors are fixed.

It does not add up…

Giving room for your site to grow alongside your business is vital. You may not need numerous pages in the initial stages, but as your business grows, your marketing tactics change. The more SEO-optimized content you have on your website, the better ranking you have on SERP. And this is only possible only if you have custom sites.

Fair enough? Think…

Other Way Round… Google’s Perspective


Google does not care whether you are using Google sites custom templates or unique designs. The search engine has broken the issue down into numerous smaller issues. Precisely, user experience is the king, responsiveness is the core, and site speed is the source of ultimate success. Besides, high-quality content and branding are other elements that negatively or positively impact your ranking.


Apparently, Google will not penalize your website for using custom or non-custom sites.

So, you don’t have to worry about it – however, the search engine can penalize your website for the problem that may come up with a template.



All the discussion boils down to your personal preference and business needs that ultimately influence your choice for custom sites and template website designs. Some giant firms are doing fine with minimal functionality (template design). But, custom sites are an investment in your company’s marketing strategy that will not only help you rank higher but will help you stand out from the crowd.

Remember: A custom website design or template determines the course of your company’s digital marketing strategy – so make a wise decision.

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