The Logo Design Art Reference That Companies Require in 2022

Logo Design Art

Just when the designers thought the pandemic had taken a toll on their careers, the tables turned. Yes, we are talking about the resurgence in logo design art here as brands are becoming more personable- slowly but surely. 

Whether its jumbled words or amateur paintings, snappy logos or chaotic layouts, people are going to witness a whole lot more…especially in logos.

Companies don’t play by the rules anymore-they make them. The same brands that once used conventional ways of designing their brand logos are now looking to add a sense of cheerfulness. 

Indeed, a unique logo goes a long way in making the audience feel comforted and welcomed by brands.

As new designs ebb and flow, it is important for you to keep your fingers on the pulse. So, if you are planning to create an eye-striking logo for your brand, read this blog.  We will spotlight some of the most engaging yet creative ideas for logo designs to stay ahead of the curve.

  • Getting goofy with the fonts.            

While typography can be a daunting task, it’s always a good idea to play around with it.   To try something fun requires you to get those hands dirty. So why not?

Also, perfection can be boring sometimes. 2022 lets you express yourself through wonky and twisted text. So don’t be shy and be imperfect. Break the rules but in the most intentional manner when doing a logo design art.

The distorted type is one of the eccentric font trends that has started to make a prominent appearance nowadays. It is a twisted letterform that goes beyond readability- definitely an ideal pick for independent brands.    

What’s more? A number of companies are now turning towards an unruffled and quirky font type. Take Retro Serifs as an example. Its curvy contours are winning hearts like nothing else. 

  • When in doubt- Doodle

Picture this- you are listening to a boring topic that hardly interests you. So you decide to turn your boredom into some fun- your pen touches the paper, and you start drawing some random images. You just doodled my friend. .

What you thought was kid stuff has now become a creative outlet that many businesses turn towards. Exactly. This free-form drawing creates limitless approachable designs for many designers out there. 

While it overwhelms you with both color and shapes, doodling a modern logo design can be easy-going and fun.

With a combination of both creativity and balance, doodling in the right manner shows how well you think outside the box to drive your clients in the direction of your brand.

Not only does a logo becomes timeless, but this logo design art can look effortlessly pretty on almost any packaging style.

  • Letting those empty spaces talk

Cramming greater meaning into a small area- this is what a negative space in a logo does. 2022 will see a lot of designers playing with the blank areas of a logo in a way you have never seen before.  

When done smartly, these areas can depict a variety of artistic styles, letting your logo shine from even the empty spaces. So go as sassy and intense as you can with your logo- the stage is all yours.

Using negative spaces is a good way to fit all the important details without giving the audience an information overload. Remember- your clients are smart so do not give them unnecessary details.

Also, people like discovering the hidden. It’s a good way to engage them. After all, beauty may also be found in missing areas.

  • Going the Ukiyo-e way

Designers are levelling up their creativity to design versatile and timeless shapes.

Inspired by the famous Japanese genre, the Ukiyo-e design is all set to pave its way through the leading logo design art in 2022.

Made with basic line work, these minimalistic designs can breathe life into two-dimensional designs with the help of theatrical and lively colours.

The quirkiness mixed with bold colours is what attracts designers the most. The Ukiyo-e is a perfect match for lifestyle brands and packaging, incorporating elements that are totally inspired by nature.

  • Pushing the creative boundaries with brush strokes

The straightforward functionality of a brushstroke arouses both sense of warmth and power. Incorporating brush strokes into a logo is one of the most versatile techniques that designers vouch for in 2022.

The elusive yet striking design of brush strokes is already making waves in the designing world. The hand-drawn appearance of brush strokes adds a less digitized look to the logo design, making it a must-have for brands that want to connect to the audience on a personal level.

  • Layered Expressions

Spontaneous colour and pattern changes are now taking the lead with layered elements in a modern logo design.

We see layered logos back on the centre stage, with visually detached elements in a single design; after all, there is no point in messily throwing truckloads of elements into one design.

Layered expressions can add beauty even in the flaws, while sticking true to the original brand message.

  • Distorted Logos

Another logo design reference that big companies would require in 2022 is logos with blurred expressions. Classic logos are now created with a slight twist, as designers have started altering color and font types.

Designers are seeking to create unusual and unexpected layouts while they have fun with the spacing, thickness, thinness and colours of the text. 

  • Going Groovy with the 70s style

Thinking about the 70s makes you imagine those funky disco balls, bell-bottoms and what not.

What if we told you that 2022 will overwhelm you with heavy nostalgic feelings as brands gear up to offer you designs from different eras and art forms. The groovy designs will feature some bold colours, paisley shapes, warm shades and much more.

We suggest you to go down the memory lane and take some ideas from the past when thinking of creating a logo design art

  • Line thickness gets revamped

Sticking through thick and thin is literally taken very seriously by the brands as they have a good time getting their hands on the line thickness.

You will see tons of logos with different line thickness, adding additional depth to them.   Thick lines are nothing but a creative spin to your current logos.

Over to you…

You know there are tons of things to celebrate here. But, adding the right things to your toolbox can definitely make your logo look unique and fresh.  Remember, the sky is the limit.

If any of the above creative ideas for logo design strike a chord with your ideas, this means it’s time to get rid of some conventional ways of designing and widening the horizon. Your clients will thank you later.

All the best and wish you a happy logo designing.