Are Tom and Jerry Best Friends Ever? We Make It Real By 3D Animation!

3D Animation

3D animation is paving the way for limitless possibilities.

Tom and Jerry…


We all grew up watching the zany antics of this famous duo. The comic fight between the iconic pair has always made us laugh our heads off. No wonder these cute, cuddly creatures with timeless stories have made our childhood unforgettable.

The bond between a couple of adversaries has no comparison, and the instant havoc they create is incomparable. Surprisingly! The tearjerker with a happy ending has shed light on a mystery – what kind of alliance they’ve? Are they best friends or real enemies?

Musing? We know it is…

Whether they’re great buddies or literal crooks – the spell of 3D animation can turn the world upside down. Moreover, this latest technological innovation can be used to animate characters for movies, commercials, and televisions that can do just about anything. With the help of three-dimensional moving images, you can come up with lifelike images.

Excited about 3D animatronics? So are we!

Scroll down and explore how you can make Tom and Jerry real friends…

Wait, What is 3D Animation?

Even in the era of digitalization, people still think that animation is for kids and it is a dying art. If you are among one of them, stop right here. You are wrong!

3D animation can easily add a whole new dimension to your creativity. It injects exceptional depth, details, and lightning even to the dullest objectives. You must be wondering what exactly a three-dimensional moving image is?

And you have this question in your mind! If not, you are lost somewhere… focus!

To be precise, it’s a graphic technique that uses motion to bring props, characters, and objects to life. 3D animation is widely used in films, TV shows, and videos games; this is what you know.

This disruptive technology is also used to create cartoon logo designs (Yes! For real). It is an application of mathematics, science, art, and storytelling – combined into one field… Jumbled?

Let’s make it easy for you… science and mathematics drive the software to create 3D characters and objects; the art dictates the entire creative process. Lastly, the animation tells a story with the help of the character/object you create.

Time to Put an Endless War at End…


What comes to your mind when you think of animation? Probably Spiderman, Jungle Book, and Pokémon… congratulations, you’re heading in the right direction.

Surely, you would agree – to come up with these classic collections, the animator has used several techniques, equipment, and methods to add personality, emotions, and thoughts to the characters.

Let’s jump deep into the exciting world of 3D animation and see how we can bring drastic change to the masterwork.

1. Bring Any Concept to Life

This is for real… animation let the imagination run wild!

Blending the laws of nature is pretty easy with this technological breakthrough. The reason being 3D advancement help in sliding the scale – you can do whatever you want to. Besides, it gives you the ability to escape from reality while bringing any concept to the world of entertainment.

Remember the classic food fights between Tom and Jerry? Indeed, those are the great example of an unremitting quarrel between the plucky pair. However, with animation, you can change the entire scene to some playful or maybe humorous act.

Watch here:

2. Give Context to the Ideas

In the real world, it is nearly impossible to give context to your farfetched ideas – imagine you are trying to build some bond between your furry feline and mice. Any luck?

Of course not! Cats are hardwired for hunting mice.

But, with 3D animation, it is a snap… no doubt animation is the best way to bring your ideas to life. With animation, you can make sense out of anything while making your audience understand the narrative.

Similarly, making Tom and Jerry best friends is pretty easy, and the magic of animation will spice it up a little more.

3. Helps Strike the Right Tone

Did you know? Other than animated characters, cartoon logo design can hit the right note. At first glance, it gives the audience the feel you are trying to convey.

Besides, sometimes the message you convey to the audience gets muddled due to portrayal – and at times, you fail to explain the topic. Don’t worry! The good news is, with the three-dimensional technique, you can easily take all the confusing factors away while striking a broad spectrum of emotional tones. But turning Tom and Jerry into real friends is a…

Hard nut to crack! But surely not impossible. With animation, you can easily cover complex subjects effectively without causing your viewers to put their defenses up. Whether it is a war of whiskers or truce of hurts, animation can turn the incredible characters into great buddies.

Make an attempt…

4. Visually Represent Abstract Ideas

Honestly, representing Tom and Jerry as real buddies is an intimidating task. But, but, but… with 3D animation, it is no more a struggle – all you need is PASSION.

It is the biggest advantage of animation that anyone can visually capture abstract ideas. However, if you want to capture something really big or maybe small, it gets a little challenging.

Doesn’t it? Try your hand; you will figure it out… nevertheless, the time and money you invest in coming up with visually appealing characters are worth the hard work.

Remember: with animation, you can present hard-to-capture ideas on-screen brilliantly, but you need to have an expert by your side.

5. Animation is Dynamic

So far, you know the three-dimensional technique operates within three spaces. Nonetheless, numerous other options for visual and dynamic storytelling are also available. Hence, portraying these little rivals as true friends (smiling and shaking hands) can be done with your eyes closed.

With 3D animation, the creative choices are virtually limitless… and that’s true. Still, it is hard to mimic characters differently than they are in real.

The Last Say!


Too much to absorb?

Undoubtedly, cartoons are an unmatched source of fun and laugher that get the audience rolling in the aisles. Either we talk about Scooby-Doo, Dexter, Batman, or Tom and Jerry – they are incredibly amazing in their own ways. The added essence of 3D technology has elevated the entertainment level to an exquisite extent.

But… winning the battle of animation is like cutting the Gordian knot!

Puzzled? Making squishy 3D characters with a little twist in a plot is a big ugly obstacle. It is a complicated process; the animator has to look after every aspect, including facial movements, mechanical operations, designs, weight, and physics. However, the result is worth the hard work. Not just this, there are endless opportunities in animation which can turn the ordinary idea into a phenomenal story. You might think it is crazy as it sounds, but in real 3D animation is a versatile technology that has taken over almost every industry.

So, if you are looking for a cartoon logo design to conquer the miraculous comic world, Creative Shark is at your service.